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Mother’s Day Special Set! (HK$522) 100 Sets Limited.
16 April ~ 13 May, 2018
Still worry about gifts for coming Mother’s Day?
We recommend the below 3 products which are famous to mothers in Sugi Bee Garden. Let’s share your love and thanks to mothers with our delighted gift set packed with carnations ‘paper bag.

「Honey Flavoured with Yuzu (Japanese citrus) Juice (500g) 」 With citric acid, fatigue caused by household duties could be recovered.

「Pickled Ginger in Honey (280g) 」 Gingerols helps improving appetite. Mothers could enjoy family meals and release from pressure.

「Plum Pickled in Honey (280g) 」 Best choice for refreshing from extremely hot weather.
Order Procedures ﹕

Add 「Honey Flavoured with Yuzu (Japanese citrus) Juice (500g) 」, 「Pickled Ginger in Honey (280g) 」and 「Plum Pickled in Honey (280g) 」into cart, system will automatically change as Mother’s Day Special Set. You can continue purchase other favourite products.

Since 1 May 2018, delivery service on Sundays and public holidays is not provided.
We will contact customer by e-mail if deliveries on such dates are chosen.
Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

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