It all started In 1946, with three beehive boxes…

Sugi Bee Garden began 72 years ago (1946) in Kumamoto, Kyushu Island (Japan), when Takeo Sugi, the founder, engage the beekeeping world with only 3 beehive boxes.

“The best honey in Japan could be made in the flowery city of Kumamoto thanks to its year-long warm climate.” Holding this belief, Takeo Sugi soon started to make a top quality honey product which won customers’ hearts.

He managed to craft a honey-making method which he perfected through repeated trial and error – from the rearing of the honey to the extraction. Cutting corners was never an option for him.

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18 November, 2019
As weather becomes colder, you need our Ginger pickled in honey to warm you up!

Do you feel the weather become colder ? In Chinese Medicine theory, “Qi ” and “Blood” is not circulated in a good...

15 October, 2019
Autumn’s “Medicine and Food are the Same Origin” Campaign Started!

Campaign  ①Free selection of Fruit Juice Infused HoneyBuy 3 or 5 bottles of 1000 G Fruit Juice Infused Honey Enjoy...

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