Autumn’s “Medicine and Food are the Same Origin” Campaign Started!

Campaign  ①Free selection of Fruit Juice Infused HoneyBuy 3 or 5 bottles of 1000 G Fruit Juice Infused Honey Enjoy Extra Discount! ② Ginger Pickled in Honey (850g) 2 Bottles We pickle ginger into our domestic honey to make this drink.This drink is going to make you warm from the very inside. ③ 2019 Premium Set This is a luxury set which gathers favorite products of Sugi Bee Garden. ④...
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Online Store is Renewed today!

In order for Sugi Bee Garden Official Hong Kong Online Shopping Site to be more visible after 25 July, 2019 (Thu), and to provide a better user experience, our website has been completely redesigned. 【For users who have completed membership registration on the old online shop】 A new system has been introduced with this site renewal. While your registered "member information" has been...
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Energize your summer with the power of “honey”!

Campaign period: 12 June, 2019 ~ 31 August, 2019 Campaign ① Sugi Bee Garden’s Fruit Juice Infused Honey - As an oral rehydration therapy in summer! Mix & Match Fruit Juice Infused Honey Promotion >Fruit Juice Infused Honey ~Any combination of 5 bottles~ >Fruit Juice Infused Honey ~Any combination of 3 bottles~ Campaign ② Supports with low resistance and defense! >Extra amount...
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New skincare products!

MITSUBACHI COSME. Naturally-derived beauty components create moist, firm, and resilient skin. A series that makes use of the power of honeybees which is royal jelly and honey-derived components to restore moisture, refine, and create clear and beautiful skin. Shop now in our Online Store.
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Self-pickup is now available

Apart from home delivery, you may now self-pickup parcel at convenience stores or service centre.Search here for pickup locations, then simply copy and paste related information onto shipping address page on our online store. Delivery method① Home delivery② Self-pickup at convenience stores③ Self-pickup at Yamato TA-Q-BIN service centreOnline payment〇〇〇Cash on...
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Sugi Bee Garden Hong Kong Online Shopping Site officially has opened on 1st November!  ☑ Delivered by local courier Yamato Logistics directly to your home. ☑ Order with member discount price. ☑ Pay online by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners and Amex) or cash on delivery. ☑ FREE delivery on orders over HK$400! No handling charge for cash on delivery on orders over...