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1 June, 2020
Notification on closure of Langham Place Store. Details
7 May, 2020
[New release!]Manuka with propolis as well as Linden Tree Honey-made in Japan! Details
17 February, 2020
A new promotion has begun.Use the power of honey to endure the cold season! Details
1 January, 2020
Happy New Year!For a limited time only!We are holding campaigns to survive the bitter winter! Details
25 December, 2019
New Year Selection Gift Box starts selling on today! Details
18 November, 2019
As weather becomes colder, you need our Ginger pickled in honey to warm you up! Details
15 October, 2019
Autumn’s “Medicine and Food are the Same Origin” Campaign Started! Details
18 September, 2019
Mandarin Orange Honey and Honeycomb start selling on today! Details
12 September, 2019
Extra Jarrah Honey Campaign starts on today! Details
15 August, 2019
Reduce the effects of summer fatigue, lack of sleep, and menopause to overcome summer! Details
23 July, 2019
Online Store is Renewed today! Details
12 June, 2019
Energize your summer with the power of “honey”! Details
8 May, 2019
New skincare products! Details
12 December, 2018
Self-pickup is now available Details
14 April, 2018
Notice of Delivery Change Details
11 January, 2017

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