Product Story

Product Story

It’s All About Customer Satisfaction

Total Quality Management

To facilitate totaly quality management, we have put our efforts into factory improvements. We applied HACCP – food safety standard endorsed by World Health Organization (WHO) – to our factories. We also acquired Grade 8 of Kumamoto-shi Self-managed Hygienic Standard Certificate.

Sugi Bee Garden’s goal is to deliver the best quality honey to our customers, allowing them to enjoy the nature’s grace and live a healthy life. Assurance of highest level of product safety is always our mission. Our continual corporate training shall get our team ready for that.

Product Manufacturing Philosophy as Beekeepers

To answer the customers who shared our values, we fueled our dreams and product R&D with our experience and performance. As Beekeepers, Sugi immerse ourselves into product manufacturing, aiming to satisfy our customers with innovative manufacturing approaches. Delivering the top-notch quality of products.

Apart from Honey, we also introduced Propolis, Royal Jelly and Cosmetic Products.

Connect Our Customers In Our Shops

Sugi established our retail shop network in both Japan and across the globe. In our shops, we enjoy face time with customers, connecting them and sharing their thoughts.

“Getting in touch with Sugi by first-person.”, “Relaxingly browse and choose from our products”, “Ensuring peace-of-mind for safety and quality conscious customers by getting our staff to answer inquiries.” These aims are the continual drive for us to expand our retail network.

Our friendly staff are expecting your visit today!

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