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Kawagoe Store, Married couples in their 20s.
I’m pregnant right now, and we come to the store after hearing that honey is good both before and after giving birth.
While trying different honey products from Japan, I was amazed at how incredibly tasty they were.
I bought Acacia Honey – Made in Japan, some Fruit Juice Infused Honey, and Honey Nuts for Mother’s Day.

Sugamo Store, A customer on a monthly regular purchase plan for Fruit Juice Infused Honey
I wanted to give it as a gift to my friend. In fact, I have been giving Sugi Bee Garden’s honey to many different people I know, and all of them told me they love it.
One of my friends who received my gift have even signed up for a membership here.

Premium club, A lady in her 70s.
It’s been very hot lately, and my body has been having trouble keeping up with it.
But even when I feel tired or don’t feel like eating anything, I still find myself loving the taste of Manuka honey.
Not only is it irresistible, but it also helps me regain my appetite for other foods. I can’t live without it.

Monthly Regular Purchase Plan: Manuka, A lady in her 70s.
Three of my grandchildren had to take their college entrance exams this year, and they all stayed healthy without catching a cold thanks to Manuka honey. Not to mention they all got into their favorite schools.
I am very happy, and my friends tell me they’re glad that they keep taking it.

A lady in her 40s.
I stopped getting mouth ulcers after eating Stick Honey with Royal Jelly, which was most likely being caused by an irregular lifestyle.
I also feel a lot better.

A lady in her 50s.
After I started eating Stick Honey with Royal Jelly, my dizziness improved. My doctors couldn’t find what was causing my dizziness, eventually concluding that it was my age.
The product is easy to take, so I would keep eating it regularly.

A lady in her 50s.
I’ve been having some terrible pollen allergies lately, and would feel terrible from early morning.
But after I started adding a 1ml of Liquid Propolis in my 100ml drinking yogurt as recommended, and now, I no longer have itchiness in my nose or eyes.
I was genuinely surprised at how much of a relief it gave me.

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