For every HK$600, 1 set of Stick Honey (15g × 7 sticks) or 2 bottles of Royal Jelly Drink Gold 1000 will be given as gift.

Please let us know which free gift you want by writing it at the comment box at the bottom of Shipping & Payment Method page. If it is not specified, 2 bottles of Royal Jelly Drink Gold 1000 will be given automatically.

Royal Jelly Drink Gold 1000

✓ Contained richer Amino Acids & Vitamins than normal honey
✓ 1 Bottle everyday with 1000mg Royal Jelly
✓ Recommend to customers who pursue speeding up of relieving fatigue
✓ Taste delicious after refrigerated

Royal Jelly is a special food is given only to queen bee and contains plenty of nutrients such as Amino Acids & Vitamins.

Lack of appetite and sleep will severely affect our daily life. Establishing habit of taking royal jelly, nutrients which fail to absorbed because of partial eclipse could be filled. Ideal body situation could also maintained with improving metabolism.

Stick Honey (15g × 7 sticks)

✓ 1 stick:1 cup of cool/warm water ——Easy & Simply mixture proportion
✓ Easily share to friends who never tried our Fruit Juice Honey
✓ Recommend to customers who love Fruit Juice Honey or want to try new flavour
With 80% of honey:20% of Juice, our popular fruit juice honey has been made as Stick type.
5-Flavour could be chose with variety of way to enjoy.