For every HK$600, 1 set of Stick Honey (15g × 7 sticks) or 2 bottles of Royal Jelly Drink Gold 1000 will be given as gift.

Please let us know which free gift you want by writing it at the comment box at the bottom of Shipping & Payment Method page. If it is not specified, Stick Honey (15g × 7 sticks) will be given automatically.

Royal Jelly Drink Gold 1000

Royal Jelly is a special food that is given only to queen bees and is considered to be a nutritious treasure that is incorporated in a number of health foods.
When you feel fatigued, we recommend quickly absorbing the nutrients from our drinkable royal jelly to restore your energy.

6-Flavor Stick Honey (15g×12 sticks)

Popular Fruit Juice Honey has made into portable stick-type. Diluting them with cool or warm water in a ratio 1:4 to 1:5 as a refreshing drink, pouring over yogurt or ice cream as deserts, or using it as an ingredient for jellies and sherbets, etc. There are various ways to enjoy the honey.